What are the benefits of using an in-home pet sitter instead of boarding?

For many pets spending the night in a new environment can be a traumatic experience. Often times pet boarding facilities are staffed with a skeleton crew, or are completely unmanned in the evenings and on weekends. Introduction to strange pets can be dangerous, especially for pets who have not been properly socialized. Some pet boarding facilities have shot and vaccination requirements, as well as behavior training requirements, but many do not. There is always a risk of putting your pet in contact with another pet that has not had their shots and vaccinations, or a pet that may be aggressive. Many of these facilities become overcrowded, especially during the holidays and during peak seasons, and the individual attention your pet gets may be minimal. There are a myriad of reasons for having a licensed, bonded and insured professional come directly into your home to service your pet's needs. Often times in-home boarding is also more cost effective.

Getting Started:

Before Redleg Pet Services can provide walking, sitting or transportation to your furry kids, we need to meet them on their turf. We offer a free in-home consultation to all prospective customers so that we can see where you keep the leashes, treats, food, medicines, etc. A separate boarding and daycare consultation is required to utilize services on the Redleg Pet property. Call 513-467-8490 or e-mail: Redlegpet@doglover.com to book your free consultation.

Services and Pricing:


  • 15 Minute Pop-In: For customers with single pets or very basic needs, Redleg Pet Services offers "pop-in" walking and feeding services for $15.00 per 15 minute visit
  • 30 Minute Standard: For customers with more detailed needs or multiple pets, we offer a standard 30 minute service for $22.00 per 30 minute visit

On Redleg Property

  • Daycare is offered Monday through Friday from 7:00AM until 6:00PM. Daycare is NOT offered on the weekend, however Boarding may be booked and customers have the option of picking up early. Essentially, boarding pricing will be in effect for weekend daycare requests. VIP/Subscription customers have first priority for boarding and daycare. Week-to-week customers are urged to lock into a subscription package to guarantee availability.
    M-F Daycare is billed at: $25 per day
  • Boarding is offered seven days a week and is billed at $40.00 per nightVIP/Subscription customers have first priority for boarding and daycare. Week-to-week customers are urged to lock into a subscription package to guarantee availability.

Pick up and Drop Off Windows:

The AM Pickup/Dropoff Window for boarding and daycare is: 7:00AM to 9:00AM
The PM Pickup/Dropoff Window for boarding and daycare is: 4:00PM to 6:00PM

These are the only pickup and drop off times for boarding and daycare for week-to-week customers. Non VIP customers who cannot pickup or drop off during one of these windows may schedule a transport. VIP customers who subscribe to monthly priority services are the only exception to this policy. All other customers must either pickup and drop off during one of the windows or add transportation to their services. Due to the sheer volume of scheduled business on a given day, we cannot relax this policy.

How to Pick up and Drop off

**Customers should remain in their vehicle upon arrival until a Redleg Pet Services staff can assist with the hand-off. All dogs must be leashed before exiting the vehicle.

Redleg Pet Services conducts business in a residential neighborhood. As such, we ask boarding and daycare customers to be aware of the environment and respect the surroundings. It is imperative that customers not treat the Redleg property in the same way they would treat a commercial business in the heart of town. Customers should not congregate in the street or block neighboring driveways while waiting for another customer to collect their pets and leave. Customers should pull to the side of the road to wait. Customers should remain in their vehicle until the previous customer departs. Under no circumstances should a customer allow their dog to eliminate in the front yard of our business property. Redleg Pet Services offers all pets attending daycare or boarding the opportunity to eliminate in the backyard of the property immediately after arrival. Additionally, all pets are offered the opportunity to eliminate a final time within 30 minutes of the pickup time, as well as countless opportunities throughout the day. There is never a reason to meander in the front yard with a dog. This disrupts the other dogs on property and causes loud barking which disrupts the environment and disturbs neighbors. It is never appropriate to simply show up at the Redleg Pet Services property expecting service. Redleg Pet Services is NOT a large chain kennel or boarding facility, and should not be treated as such.

Eligibility and Behavior:

All dogs who wish to board or attend daycare on Redleg Pet Services property must meet the minimum criteria for acceptable behavior to be eligible for on-property services. Extreme anxiety, human attachment (velcro dogs), excessive barking, urinating or eliminating in indoor spaces and destruction of property are all deal-breakers for our on-property services, unless the guest can be successfully gated or crated in a space. Redleg Pet Services provides these services on a residential property where we also live. As such, we simply can't accept dogs who engage in these behaviors with no means of securing them when no staff is present. Urinating and marking leads to excessive odors and promotes the same behavior in other dogs who follow. Excessive barking disrupts neighbors and makes conducting business impossible. Ideal candidates are those who can be left for short periods of time with total freedom, however we understand that not all dogs are completely behavior trained and may not be offered total freedom without some risk. As long as these types of dogs can be gated in a separate space or otherwise contained to mitigate the behavior, they may receive services. However, If a dog engages in these behaviors and can not be contained when staff is absent they will not be eligible for our on-property services.

Booking & Cancellations:

Redleg Pet Services requires a minimum of 24-hours notice for all bookings and cancellations. The cancellation fee for cancellations inside of 24 hours is equal to the independent contractor pay for the job. Since Redleg Pet Services does employ contractors who rely on these bookings for income, and who arrange their schedule to accommodate these bookings, we cannot waive this fee. Exceptions will only be made for extreme weather conditions that result in school closings and other obvious personal emergencies. In addition to the 24-hour cancellation policy, Redleg Pet Services also requires 24 hours notice on all non-subscription bookings. Late requests and same day requests will rarely be accommodated due to the sheer volume of scheduled business on a given day.


Redeg Pet Services Office Hours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm. While Redleg Pet Services does provide in-home and boarding services around the clock, seven days a week, our phone is only manned during business hours. For this reason it is important for customers to book services with a minimum of 24 hours notice. Weekend services should be booked prior to the close of business on the previous Friday. Email correspondence received after business hours will be addressed the following business day.

In-home customers are urged to book standard or pop-in visits through the Pet Connect App. All daycare and boarding requests must be either discussed over the phone or made via e-mail. Non-subscription or week-to-week daycare and boarding requests must be made via phone or e-mail.

Customers are encouraged to always email when possible. Texting is not an appropriate form of communication. Texting and SMS messaging is completely disabled on the business line. If customers text the Redleg business phone, the text will not be seen or responded to. It is always best to treat the business line as you would treat any other business listing, and not as you would treat a friend or family member who is watching your pets.

Call Us at: (513) 467-8490 or E-mail us at: Redlegpet@doglover.com to set up a free consultation or to book services.

How do customers pay?

Redleg Pet Services accepts cash or check. In-home customers can pay for services in advance during the free consultation, mail a payment prior to the start of service or arrange for payment to be dropped at the Redleg Pet Services property. VIP customers and Monthly Subscription customers must pay for the upcoming month in advance to lock in their monthly rates. Checks should be made out to Redleg Pet Services. Redleg Pet Services does not run tabs.

How does Redleg Pet Services enter the home?

The most commonly used and recommended method for access is via garage code.  Providing a code is preferable because a code can not be lost or stolen, it is easy to store a code digitally for maximum security and a code can always be changed by the customer after completion of service if desired. Customers without code access will have the option of creating a spare key for us to keep on hand until service is discontinued (preferred), or hide a key on the property. For liability reasons, we do not recommend hiding a key. You never know who is watching during retrieval or replacement of the hidden key. Your key is always safer with us than it is under your door mat.
*We ask that customers providing a spare key have the key available at the consultation to avoid unnecessary trips to retrieve and return keys. 

How does Redleg Pet Services store keys?

Customers who leave a spare key on file with Redleg Pet Services can rest easy knowing their key will remain securely double locked, and never carried when not specifically being used to access that customer's services.

How will customers know if the visit has been completed?

Redleg Pet Services uses a 3rd party mobile app to send clients an automated text message at the completion of in-home visits or walks. Please do not respond to these text notifications as your text message will not be seen. Customers may select email as their preferred method of contact. In addition to text notifications, vacation and boarding customers will also receive detailed email updates daily with photos and the occasional short video clip attachment.

Does Redleg Pet Services use contractors?

Redleg Pet Services is a small family run operation and we conduct the bulk of the work ourselves, however we occasionally use trusted contractors to help with evening and weekend visits, and during the holiday and peak seasons. All contractors have passed a criminal background check, have been checked for references and are covered under their own pet sitter/dog walker insurance and bonding policy. Customers may request a meeting in advance with any contractor who will be servicing their pet.

How are pets secured for transport?

Redleg Pet Services utilizes crates and tethers to insure safe transportation of pets. Your pet will always be secured in a padded crate or tethered using a pet seat belt tether unless otherwise instructed by the customer. Our vehicles are inspected daily and maintained within courier specifications. We stop at all railroad crossings. All contractors have submitted to a BMV background check and possess a valid and clean Ohio driver's license.

Call to schedule free consultation and quote:
(513) 467-8490
(office hours M-F 8am-5pm)