There are three ways a customer can secure VIP/Priority status for daycare, boarding or in-home services.

Customers must lock in a standing subscription for a minimum of one day per week of daycare, to be paid in advance at the beginning of the month. For instance, if a customer would like their dog(s) to attend daycare every Wednesday, and there are 4 Wednesdays in the month, they would pay $100.00 ($25 per day) on the first of the month. Their dog would have a reserved spot every Wednesday that they would not lose. VIP customers will also have the first opportunity to keep their day the following month, and each following month until they cancel the subscription. There is no rollover from month to month, so if a customer cancels a day during the month, the subscription will still renew at the start of the following month at the regular VIP price. This membership is for the ability to reserve a specific day(s) every month, which is why there are no refunds.

Boarding customers can enjoy VIP/Priority status if they lock in a minimum of 10 nights of boarding per month at $40 per night ($15.00 each additional dog), or $400 per month. This works out to roughly 2-3 nights per week. Redleg Pet Services reserves 3 open boarding slots for our VIP customers every day, so what this means is that VIP customers will be able to board at will, without more than 24 hours notice, and have priority over any other boarding request. Like the daycare subscription, there is no rollover on the membership, so customers who don't believe they will use at or near 10 nights of boarding per month should consider a combination package. Some customers use the full 10 nights, others use less, but prefer the ability to board whenever they want without more than 24 hours notice and never be subject to limited availability.

Combination Package
Customers who use a combination of services (i.e in-home visits, boarding, daycare and transportation) have the option of paying a retainer of $400 to have priority service on all of the above. These are usually customers who prefer boarding, but whose dogs can tolerate in-home services. Also, customers who require frequent transportation to and from daycare and boarding will get the most out of this subscription. This subscription entitles the customer to 8 nights of boarding or 8 days of daycare (or any combination) plus 8 in-home visits or 8 transports (or any combination) per month. Just like the other two subscriptions, there is no rollover if the services are not used.

Other benefits of VIP status:
* Buy one get one free transports for daycare subscribers
* Expanded pickup and drop off windows
* Daycare services automatically upgraded to socialization
* Annual VIP outing

**VIP/Priority Memberships DO NOT apply to holiday pricing periods (i.e. Thanksgiving weekend, Easter weekend, 4th of July night, Halloween night or the Christmas/New Year peak week)