Pop-In Service
Quick walk or feeding for pets needing a brief service

Standard 30 Minute Service
Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Transportation or Yard Scooping Service (up to 2 large dogs, 3 small/micro dogs, no limit on cats)

Extended 45 Minute Service
For more extensive visits or multiple pets

Doggy Day Care
Monday through Friday 7am - 5pm
On Redleg Pet Services property
$20.00 per day

On Redleg Pet Services property (7 Days a week - 5pm - 7am)
$30.00 per night (includes 1 daycare)
*See Calendar first - Book time of drop off

Vacation Special (4 visits)
2 Pop-In Visits and 2 Standard Visits
$60.00 per day
*Call for booking

Group Training/Socialization
Held every Thursday on Redleg Pet Services property (9am - 12 noon)
$50.00 (includes Daycare)

Call to schedule free consultation and quote:
(513) 467-8490
(office hours M-F 8am-5pm)