Our time is typically spent caring for, playing with and transporting our customer's pets, and we like to give their furry kids our undivided attention. As such, we are rarely in a setting that is appropriate for conducting business via phone. The fastest, easiest and most preferred method of contact is e-mail. Whether you are a new customer looking to set up a free consultation or an existing customer looking to add or change services, the best way to contact us is always e-mail.

CALL 8AM - 5PM  (M - F)
Business Line: (513) 467-8490
If you don't receive an e-mail response within a reasonable time frame, or if you are an existing customer with emergency needs, you can call the Redleg Pet Services business line between 8am and 5pm Monday through Friday. If nobody is available to answer your call, please leave a detailed message and a Redleg Pet Services staff member will be in touch shortly. Please do not text the business line.

(email or call only)
Please treat the Redleg business line as if it were a land line. This line doe not have text or SMS capabilities and all text and SMS notifications have been disabled on this phone. Please do not text the Redleg phone with questions, service requests or to inform the office that you are "on the way". Your message will not be received.